Future advisees

I am available to advise current ITAM students on their undergraduate or Master’s theses about empirical topics in applied microeconomics. The minimum requirements are:

  1. you have taken at least one of my courses on applied microeconometrics, industrial organization, energy economics, natural resource economics, or the research seminar;
  2. you have taken the applied microeconometrics course (either with me or with another professor) and are comfortable using R or Stata;
  3. you are still taking classes at ITAM; and
  4. for undergraduates, you have a GPA of at least 8.5 (this is an ITAM requirement for writing a thesis).

If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email or come to my office hours to discuss possible thesis topics. Note that if you plan to write a tesina, you should enroll in my undergraduate Research Seminar.

Former students

Notes in italics: subsequent graduate study (for undergraduates and Master’s students); initial placement (for Ph.D. students).

Undergraduate Theses (ITAM)

  • Jordán Mosqueda Juárez, “Asymmetric Pass-Through in the Recently Liberalized Retail Gasoline Market of Mexico”, 2018. Enrolled in Ph.D. program in Economics at the University of California, San Diego.

  • Oscar González Gil, “Effect of Public Policies on CO2 Emissions from the Electricity Market in Mexico”, 2018.

  • Juan Pablo Grimaldi, “Fuel Efficiency in the Mexican Automobile Market”, 2019. MS, Sustainability and Social Innovation, HEC Paris.

  • Ricardo Enrique Miranda Montero, “Retractable Bids and Limited Liability in Mexican Oil Auctions”, 2019. Awarded second place in Citibanamex Economics Prize, 2019. Enrolled in Ph.D. program in Economics at Duke University.

  • Arturo Soberón Cedillo, “The Redistributive Effects of the Nonlinear Price System in the Residential Electricity Market”, 2019.

  • Paola Cymet Monroy, “Proposal for a Road Pricing Policy for the Polanco Neighborhood in Mexico City”, 2020.

  • Fidel González Parra, “Renewable Generation and its Effects on Wholesale Electricity Market Prices”, 2020.

  • Andres Glase Ordóñez, “Effectiveness of Transfer Pricing Legislation: The Case of OECD Countries”, 2021.

  • Inés Valenzuela Muñoz Castillo, “Implications of Natural Gas Storage on Social Welfare: An Empirical Analysis of the Case of the US Natural Gas Market 2002-2018”, 2021. MBA, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Jorge Acedo Glaros, “Fraud Prediction at Gasoline Stations Using User-Generated Review Information”, 2021. MS in Computational Social Science, University of California, San Diego.

  • Juan Pablo Martínez Giorgi, “The Challenge of Financial Inclusion in Mexico”, 2021.

  • Alfonso Lugo Sánchez, “The Digital Gap in Childhood in Mexico: A Gender Approach”, 2021.

  • Regina Calles Martínez, “Access to Maternity Leave Benefits and their Implications on Women’s Career Paths in Mexico”, 2021. Honorable Mention, ExITAM Research Prize, 2022. Enrolled in Ph.D. program in Economics at the University of California, San Diego.

  • Diego Olea Barragán, “Market Power in Cost-Based Wholesale Electricity Markets: Evidence from Baja California Sur”, 2022.

  • Sabrina Fajardo Gallegos, “Change in Food Consumption due to the Pandemic in the Mexican Population”, 2022.

  • Alejandro Hernández González, “Price Dispersion in a Recently Liberalized Market: Evidence from the Retail Gasoline Market in Northern Mexico”, 2022.

  • Andrés Villarreal Villegas, “The Cooking Fuel Transition and Mortality Rates in Mexico”, 2022.

  • Raul Mejia Ibañez, “A Spatial Statistical Analysis of Gasoline Prices in the Mexicali and Tijuana Markets”, 2023.

  • José Ignacio Avalos, “The Impact of Renewable Energies on the Prices of the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market”, 2023.

  • Mauricio Pérez Ramírez, “Evolution of Labor Productivity over Time: Empirical Evidence from the Performance of Formula 1 Drivers”, 2023.

  • Camila Flores Fernández, “The Effect of the Digitalization of Money on the Price of Remittances”, 2023.

  • Arantxa Martínez Aguilar, “Energy Poverty in Mexico: Residential Fuel Use and Time Use Analysis with a Gender Focus”, 2023.

  • Josué Emmanuel De León, “Determinants of the Adoption of Distributed Energy Systems in Mexico”, 2023.

Undergraduate Honors Theses (Michigan)

  • Jesse Buchsbaum, “Water, Energy Use, and Drought: An Examination of the Cooling Systems Used by Natural Gas Power Plants”, 2015. Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley.

  • Karl Dunkle-Werner, “Driver Behavior and Fuel Efficiency”, 2013. Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley.

  • Eugene Tan, “Do price shocks change electricity consumption? Evidence from New Zealand industrial users”, 2013. Ph.D in Economics, Duke University.

  • David Tigges, “Buying High and Selling Low: Pipeline Ownership and the Price Gap between WTI and Brent Crude Oil”, 2012. Master’s in Economics, Johns Hopkins University.

Master’s Theses (ITAM)

  • Daniel Loredo Duran, “Loss in Social Welfare due to Electricity Rates for Charging Electric Vehicles in Mexico”, 2020. Master’s in Operations Research, Columbia University.

  • Ramiro Agustín Beltrán Alessio Robles, “How Does Cycling Infrastructure Affect Traffic? A Study of Permanent Bike Lanes in Mexico City”, 2021. Master of Arts in Economics, University of British Columbia.

  • David Ontaneda Navarrete, “Sowing Credits: Credit Supply and Crop Choice”, 2022. Enrolled in Ph.D. program in Economics at the University of Michigan.

Ph.D. Third Year Paper (advisor/reader) (Michigan)

  • Adam Larson, “Productivity and Formality: Evidence from Once-Informal Firms”, 2012.

  • Austin Davis, “On the Border of Privatization: Access and Health Following the Sale of Saneatins”, 2013.

  • Yiyuan Zhang, “Greener Fuel, Bluer Sky? The Impact of Motor Fuel Standards on Air Quality in China”, 2014.

  • Ben Meiselman, “Breaching the blendwall: RINs and the market for renewable fuel”, 2014.

  • Sarah Johnston, “A case study in subsidy choice: Examining the Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program” [1], 2014.

  • Alecia Cassidy “Investment in the Heat of the Moment: Heating and Cooling Upgrades in Response to Extreme Weather”, 2015.

  • Meera Mahadevan “Unbundling the Load: How Electricity Restructuring Affects the Manufacturing Sector”, 2016.

  • Oxana Azgaldova, “Large scale grid integrated energy storage: economic effects on renewable energy sources”, 2016.

Ph.D. Dissertation (Committee Member) (Michigan)

  • Jacqueline Doremus, “Three Essays on the Effectiveness of Voluntary Forest Certification” [1] [2], 2015. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

  • Reid Dorsey-Palmateer, “Essays on the Economics of Electricity” [1] [2], 2015. Western Washington University.

  • Eric Lewis, “Three Essays on the Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry” [1] [2], 2015. Department of Justice, now at Bush School of Government and Service at Texas A&M University.

  • Mike McWilliams, “Essays on the Economics of Land Use and Adaptation to Climate Change”, 2016. University of Michigan RSQE.

  • Paul Brehm, “Three Essays in Energy and Environmental Economics” [1] [2], 2017. Oberlin College.

  • Hope Thompson, “The expansion of renewable energy technologies and their impact on household energy portfolios and sustainable development: A study of Nepal” [1], 2017. FEMA.

Other research team members

  • Daniela Borja Arriaga, Pre-doctoral Research Assistant, 2020-2022. Enrolled in Ph.D. program in Economics at Northwestern University.

  • Pedro Liedo Orozco, Research Assistant, 2018-2019. Enrolled in Ph.D. program in Agricultural and Resource Economics at University of California, Davis.