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Research Interests

Energy and environmental economics
Industrial organization

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Centro de Investigación Económica and Department of Economics, 2016-present

University of Michigan
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, 2010-2016

Stanford University
Visiting Scholar, Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Spring 2014

University of California, Berkeley
Visiting Scholar, Energy Institute at Haas, Fall 2013


Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Ph.D., Economics, 2010
M.A., Economics, 2010

University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
B.Sc.(Hons.) (First Class), Mathematics, 1998

University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
B.Com.(Hons.) (First Class), Economics, 1997

Working Papers

“Price Perceptions and Electricity Demand with Nonlinear Prices” (with Robyn Meeks).

“Vertical Integration and Price Differentials in the U.S. Crude Oil Market” (revise and resubmit at RAND Journal of Economics).

“Fueling Alternatives: Evidence from Real-World Driving Data” (with Ashley Langer).

“Step on It: Approaches to Improving Existing Vehicles’ Fuel Economy” (with Ashley Langer).

“Efficiency and Equity Effects of Electricity Metering: Evidence from Colombia”.

“Climate Change and Non-Residential Electricity Consumption in Colombia”.

“This Paper is Not Yet Rated: Self-Regulation in the U.S. Motion Picture Industry” (with Ryan Lampe).

“Reliability, Appliance Choice, and Electricity Demand”.


“Infrastructure Quality and the Subsidy Trap”, American Economic Review, 2015, 105(1), p.35-66.

“Book review: ‘The Economics of Electricity Markets: Theory and Policy'”, Journal of Economic Literature, 2014, 52(2), p.554-5.

“How Do Firms Exercise Unilateral Market Power? Evidence from a Bid-Based Wholesale Electricity Market,” (with Frank Wolak), in Manufacturing Markets: Legal, Political and Economic Dynamics, Eric Brousseau and Jean-Michel Glachant (eds), Cambridge University Press, 2014.

“Merger Analysis in Restructured Electricity Supply Industries: The Proposed PSEG and Exelon Merger (2006),” (with Frank Wolak), in The Antitrust Revolution: Economics, Competition and Policy, John E. Kwoka and Lawrence J. White (eds), Oxford University Press, 2009.

“Testing the convergence hypothesis: a new approach” (with Erkin Bairam), Economics Letters, 1999, v.64: pp. 351-355.

Conference and Seminar Presentations

AERE Summer Meeting (Price Perceptions), 2016
Mannheim Energy Conference (Price Perceptions), 2016
NBER Energy and Environment meeting (Price Perceptions), 2016
World Bank (Price Perceptions), 2016

ITAM (Price Perceptions), 2015
Clemson University (Price Perceptions), 2015
University of Maryland (Price Perceptions), 2015
University of Chicago Booth (Price Perceptions), 2015
TE3 transportation conference , 2015
PUC-Chile (Price Perceptions), 2015
LACEA annual meeting (Price Perceptions), 2015
University of Calgary (Price Perceptions), 2015
Latin American Environmental and Energy Workshop, CIDE (Metering), 2015
UM/MSU/WMU Energy and Environment Day (Price Perceptions), 2015
NBER Hydrocarbon Infrastructure and Transportation meeting (Oil Price Differentials), 2015
SITE workshop (Price Perceptions), 2015
International IO Conference (Oil Price Differentials), 2015
ALADEE conference (Non-residential electricity), 2015
AEA Annual Meeting (Fuel Economy), 2015

LACEA annual meeting (Metering), 2014
Heartland Workshop (Fuel Economy), 2014
World Bank (Metering), 2014
SITE workshop (Metering), 2014
Energy Institute at Haas Energy Camp (Metering), 2014
International IO Conference (Metering / Fueling Alternatives), 2014
University of Michigan (Metering), 2014

Economics of Low Carbon Markets workshop (Fueling Alternatives), 2013
University of California, Davis (Metering), 2013
AERE Summer Meeting (Fueling Alternatives), 2013
Energy Institute at Haas (Fueling Alternatives), 2013
SITE workshop (Fueling Alternatives), 2013
Cornell Energy and Environmental workshop (discussant), 2013

AERE Summer Meeting (Ethanol Demand), 2012
CFSP IO/Development workshop (Subsidy Trap), 2012
DePaul University (Subsidy Trap), 2012
LACEA annual meeting (Subsidy Trap), 2012
University of Michigan (Fueling Alternatives), 2012
AEA Annual Meeting (discussant), 2012

AEA Annual Meeting (Reliability), 2011
Cowles Foundation Structural Micro Summer Conference (Reliability), 2011
Energy Institute at Haas Energy Camp (Ethanol Demand), 2011
UM/MSU Energy and Environment Day (Ethanol Demand), 2011
Chicago-RFF Energy Symposium (discussant), 2011

Clemson University (Subsidy Trap), 2010
Energy Institute at Haas Energy Camp (Subsidy Trap), 2010
IFPRI (Subsidy Trap), 2010
Indiana University (SPEA) (Subsidy Trap), 2010
Michigan Development Day (Subsidy Trap), 2010
Michigan State University (Subsidy Trap), 2010
Motu (Subsidy Trap), 2010
Resources for the Future (Subsidy Trap), 2010
University of Michigan (Subsidy Trap), 2010
University of Michigan Erb Institute (Subsidy Trap), 2010
University of North Carolina (Subsidy Trap), 2010
Washington St. Louis (Olin) (Subsidy Trap), 2010


University of Michigan
Econ 472: Natural Resource Economics, 2016
Mean teaching evaluation: 4.71 (course), 4.79 (instructor).

Econ 437: Energy Economics & Policy, 2011–2016
Mean teaching evaluation: 4.65 (course), 4.74 (instructor).

Econ 662: Environmental Economics (graduate), 2011–2016
Mean teaching evaluation: 4.91 (course), 4.99 (instructor).

Teaching evaluations on a five-point scale are the mean for all courses taught.

Stanford University
Econ 271, Graduate Econometrics II (teaching assistant), 2008-2009
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (2009)

University of Otago
Introductory Microeconomics (teaching assistant), 1995-1996
Introductory Macroeconomics (teaching assistant), 1995-1996
Mathematical Economics (teaching assistant), 1997

Student Advising

Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Member (initial placement)
Jacqueline Doremus (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo), 2015
Reid Dorsey-Palmateer (Western Washington University), 2015
Eric Lewis (Department of Justice), 2015
Paul Brehm
Mike McWilliams
Hope Thompson

Graduate Student Third Year Paper advisor / reader
Oxana Azgaldova, 2016
Meera Mahadevan, 2016
Alecia Cassidy, 2015
Sarah Johnston, 2014
Ben Meiselman, 2014
Yiyuan Zhang, 2014
Paul Brehm, 2014
Austin Davis, 2013
Adam Larson, 2012
Eric Lewis, 2012
Jacqueline Doremus, 2011

Undergraduate Honors Theses
Jesse Buchsbaum, 2015
Eugene Tan, 2013
Karl Dunkle-Werner, 2013
David Tigges, 2012

Honors and Awards

Public Utility Research Center Prize for the Best Paper in Regulatory Economics at the 13th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference, 2015

University of Michigan
Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies Faculty Grant, 2015
University of Michigan Office of Research award, 2015
MITRE Faculty Research Grant, 2015
MITRE Faculty Research Grant, 2013
Rackham Spring/Summer Research Award, 2011

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
Claire and Ralph Landau Student Working Paper Prize, 2010
Kapnick Fellowship, 2009-10

Stanford University
Martin Lee Johnson Stanford Graduate Fellowship, 2003-08

University of Auckland
Dean of Science Prize, 1998
Collins Prize in Mathematics, 1998

University of Otago
John Waddell Hayward Award in Commerce, 1996

Referee Service

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Review, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Energy Journal, Energy Policy, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Public Economics, National Science Foundation, Nature Energy, RAND Journal of Economics, Review of Development Economics, Water Policy.

Industry Experience

Credit Suisse First Boston, Auckland, New Zealand
Investment Banking Analyst, 1999-2001
Investment Banking Associate, 2002