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How Do Firms Exercise Unilateral Market Power? Evidence from a Bid-Based Wholesale Electricity Market

With Frank Wolak. In Manufacturing Markets: Legal, Political and Economic Dynamics, Eric Brousseau and Jean-Michel Glachant (eds), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. Working paper version

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Merger Analysis in Restructured Electricity Supply Industries: The Proposed PSEG and Exelon Merger (2006)

With Frank Wolak. Published in The Antitrust Revolution: Economics, Competition and Policy, John E. Kwoka and Lawrence J. White (eds), Oxford University Press, 2009.  

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Infrastructure Quality and the Subsidy Trap

Conditionally accepted at American Economic Review. Abstract: Electricity and water are often subsidized in developing countries to increase their affordability for low-income households. Ideally, such subsidies would create sufficient demand in poor neighborhoods to encourage private investment in their infrastructure.

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Testing the convergence hypothesis: a new approach

With Erkin Bairam. Economics Letters, 1999, v.64: pp. 351-355.   Abstract: This paper uses a non-constant returns Cobb–Douglas production function to assess the relative roles of stages of economic development, the degree of returns to scale and capital deepening in

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